The Benefits of Stainless Steel Hand Rails

When deciding on the best handrail for your staircase or if unsure on the best material for the job, we are here to help. Metal is the best material for handrail applications, which is why it is so often recommended. So if you’re considering stainless steel hand rails, read on to find out why you should go ahead with it!


With handrails, one of the main focuses should be durability. Ensuring you have a safe and reliable handrail in the event of a fall is a crucial factor to consider. Of course, Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials out there. Thus it is probably the best material for a handrail.

Low Maintenance

Stainless steel is a extremely low maintenance material. Besides the occasional dust and wipe, stainless steel hand rails remain in perfect condition for many years. Not to mention how easy they are to clean. You can use almost any cleaning product on these handrails without damaging them.

Design Flexibility and Diversity

These handrails are easy to install and offer unlimited design flexibility. We can bend and Shape them to fit unique staircases by heating them. They offer a sleek, contemporary and modern style, adding to the aesthetic of most environments. The use of handrails is ideal for commercial projects, as well as about anywhere else.

Stronghold Stainless Steel Handrails

Stronghold is a tubular stainless steel handrail system. It utilises fittings from either grade 304 stainless steel (interior applications) or grade 316 stainless steel (exterior). The Stronghold is well suited in a variety of different sectors. But it is often the perfect commercial handrail for it’s regal look and almost maintenance free aftercare.

Stainless Steel Projects Melbourne are specialists in design, manufacture and installation of handrail / balustrade systems. In fact we will tailor them to suit your specific application. To find out more contact your Melbourne Balustrading team now.