Perfect Steel Balastrade since 1999

The most innovative & stylish Steel Balustrade designer in Melbourne

For over 20 years we have been the foremost Steel Balustrade Melbourne specialist. Whether commercial handrails or Balustrading for the home, our experience speaks for itself.

In fact our experience comes from installing balustrades in thousands of homes. This is in addition to commercial buildings and apartment complexes across Victoria. As a result, we design and build everything to meet your requirements.

To sum up, here are some of our products;

  • Aluminium Balustrades
  • Glass Balustrading
  • Steel Balustrading
  • Stainless Steel Balustrading
steel balustrade melbourne
Outdoor steel balustrade melbourne

What makes us so great?

When you’re building or renovating, it’s very important to ensure you have qualified workers. Our team has a wealth of experience. Ultimately ensuring your balustrades and handrails are professionally installed to the Australian standard. Our dedicated team of experts are with you every step of the way from design to installation.

If you need custom Steel balustrade Melbourne, we’ve got your covered. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure to stand the test of time. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves supplying the best Steel Balustrade Melbourne has to offer.

Why Choose Us?

Opting for custom-designed steel balustrading from a reputable company like us offers numerous advantages for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Firstly, our Steel Balustrade Melbourne made provides unmatched durability and strength, ensuring long-lasting safety and support. The material’s resistance to corrosion and weather elements makes it ideal for outdoor installations, with minimal maintenance required.

Secondly, custom designs allow for flexibility in aesthetics, enabling homeowners to match their unique style preferences and architectural features seamlessly. Stainless Steel Projects expertise ensures that the balustrades not only enhance the overall appearance but also complement the surrounding décor.

Thirdly, steel balustrading offers an unobtrusive view, making it perfect for balconies, decks, and staircases, as it does not obstruct sightlines. This feature adds a sense of openness and spaciousness to the living spaces, enhancing the overall ambiance.

Finally, we guarantee professional installation, ensuring safety compliance and precision. Our attention to detail and quality craftsmanship ensure that the steel balustrades not only look stunning but also provide reliable functionality, making it a smart and worthwhile investment for any home.

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