Tactile Indicators

Tactile Indicators

Made in Melbourne of Quality Steel

steel tactile indicators Moorabbin
Example of tactile indicators designed by Melbourne based Stainless Steel Specialists

Steel Indicator Installs

In Melbourne, we manufacture Tactile Indicators for commercial and public access locations

For all abilities, when creating useable spaces there is now a rule. Indeed, all commercial and public developments must have a tactile indicator set. Requirements stand that placement of these is at access stairs and ramps.

Designed to ensure people with visual impairments are able to find their way around key locations. Indeed the ground surface indicators are essential in the design of commercial premises. These include public transport locales, government buildings and city centres.

Moreover, our team are experts in designing and installing Stainless Steel indicators in all locations.

Importantly we meet all Australian standards and the Building Code of Australia. Stainless Steel Projects work with all our clients to manufacture and install tactile indicators in Melbourne. This process is clearly focussed on the individual location and the commercial use of the premises.

We design each tactile indicator using a range of materials. These include stainless steel which has proven to be the most durable and long lasting product for tactile indicators.

Above all, we understand what our commercial partners need from our products. So our commitment is to creating a products that last the test of time.

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